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Discover Managed Services


Our Advanced Services provide clients with managed network, application, and security solutions at a reasonable monthly cost, freeing IT resources to focus on core competencies.

Included in our managed services is network reporting, managed firewall, mail security, web filtering, application traffic management, and Managed WLAN Services.

Network Reporting: For organizations looking for a cost-effective monitoring service that is easy to understand, you have come to the right place. Our performance reports will relay network health, security infrastructure, attack activities, and more.

Managed Firewall: ACSI has the dedicated resources in place to properly secure your organization’s sensitive data. We can assist you with VPN connectivity, encryption performance, and antivirus, among others.

Managed Mail Security: Our managed mail security services eliminate the costly effects of SPAM e-mail, viruses, and other threats that can cause damage to your network. Create and modify your own blacklists and filters.

Managed Intrusion Prevention: ACSI’s managed intrusion prevention service provides prevention of over 1300 network based attacks, while allowing you to customize the Dynamic Detection Database.

Managed Web Filtering: This web filtering service allows you to control how end-users browse the internet during and after business hours. It can be activated on ACSI Antivirus Firewalls to improve productivity and reduce the risks associated with inappropriate or illegal content.

Managed Traffic Services: Are your applications underperforming? This service gives you back control of non-productive applications over your WAN and internet connections. Enjoy 24/7 monitoring, alerts, and detailed reporting.

Managed WLAN: ACSI’s managed WLAN Services delivers secure and untethered access to your organization’s data. ACSI offers granular visibility, control, and proactive monitoring of the health and performance of all things connected. Leveraging industry leading enterprise wireless technology, we build the WLAN solution right for your company.

Discover Professional Services

With our professional services, you can enjoy increased performance output and higher efficiency from your network.

If your network is in dire need of a redesign, we can assist you with that, along with a new wireless design for enhanced productivity for end-users.

Most importantly, post installation support is incorporated into our professional services to provide our consumers with product training, updates to ensure optimal user experience and reduced downtime.

Network Performance Testing: Test and record specific behaviours and processes of your network, along with its speed and responsiveness.

Wireless Design: Is your wireless designed for optimal output? Obstacles such as walls, ceilings, and furniture can interfere with your signal strength. A strong signal will allow for more productivity and less connection interruptions.

Network Design: Quality network design creates a durable network infrastructure. We can help you map out your network in the most logical way, place your network devices for optimal signal strength, and implement security architecture.

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