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About ACSI

With over 14 years of service simplifying networks in Alberta and Canada, ACSI provides you with intelligence as a service.

We provide you with the right IT services to protect your data and network from any cyberattack or breaches.

Our focus is to bring the biggest value add to our customers. Since partnering with Sinefa, we can provide our clients with complete network visibility to protect their network and prevent any security breaches.

Our Markets


Small and medium-sized companies are a large part of the market. They have the most modern market resources and are fast-growing, highly dynamic, informed, and very demanding companies.


Information protection and availability must change constantly to meet technological changes. Our solutions follow adaptive changes, which give our clients the confidence to do their business. Our solutions are highly scalable for large enterprises.


Our award-winning technicians and knowledgeable consultants have decades of experience. As a team-orientated unit, our employees are trusted advisors who exemplify outstanding work ethics, a strong passion for the IT industry, and honed skill sets. Dedicated to projects and clients, our team delivers tangible results to solve client challenges.

Our team have certifications from:

  • Aruba Networks (HPE Platinum Partner)
  • ClearPass Certification
  • ACDX
  • ACMX
  • Cylance (Emerald Partner)
  • Exinda Networks (Platinum Partner)
  • NETSCOUT (Platinum Partner)
  • Sinefa

Our Services

We are cloud solutions provider, delivering managed networking, security and real time intelligence across the network. With our insight into WLAN, wireless, and security and our partnership with Sinefa, we give you the visibility to diagnose and treat any areas in which your security lacks.

Our Services

We have received many awards over the years for the work we have done.

  • 2015 Canadian Fortinet Xtreme team Engineer of the Year
  • 2015 Canadian Xtreme Team Engineer of the Year
  • 2014 Canadian Xtreme Team Engineer of the Year
  • 2013 Canadian Xtreme Team Engineer of the Year
  • 2011 Canadian Aruba Partner of the Year

With ASCI providing us with their patience, support, and professional technical knowledge.  We are finally on the right track to providing our staff and customers a robust and secure network environment.

Michener Allen Auctioneering Ltd.

With ACSI we better leverage our bandwidth management network tools to apply policy controls, but we look to ACSI for real-time visibility and reporting.

Wolf Creek Public Schools

ACSI is my network insurance. Anytime, anywhere, I’ve got answers.

Clearview Public Schools

It brings all the traffic and application together in one glance.

Red Deer Public Schools

We trialed Network Monitoring based on a listerv and immediately joined in. We’re glad we did.

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools