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Our Partners

At ACSI, we work with several different strategic partners to bring the best products and services to our client..

All of our partners have years of business experience delivering IT needs. Our collective clientele reaches over hundreds of clients in Alberta and beyond.


Fortinet is one of ACSI’s security partners who are dedicated to delivering security without compromise. They focus on content and network security, as well as secure access products that allow companies to deliver results 24/7. Fortinet can reduce network complexity, increase wireless access security, and establish centralized security management. Included in their prestigious clientele is the majority of Fortune 500 companies.


Exinda is ACSI’s go-to partner when it comes to optimizing and protecting critical business applications. They are determined to deliver the best application performance possible for enterprises and educators with their innovative solution WAN Orchestration and their award-winning product Exinda Network Orchestrator. This company will transform the way IT teams manage user behaviour, traffic, applications, and devices throughout their network.


Cylance has worked with numerous well-known clients such as Toyota, Panasonic, and the Boy Scouts of America to deliver top-notch security to their IT infrastructure. Always ahead of the game, Cylance Next Generation AI Antivirus products proactively prevent cyber security threats rather than reactively detecting them. Their products successfully provide end-point security to guard institutions from Ransomware while freeing up system resources previously inhibited by traditional antivirus solutions.


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterpise Company, is all about mobility and networking. As people move, networks should follow, and Aruba/HPE is making that possible. With their many products, you can guide users with real-time navigation inside facilities, send them personalized push notifications, and redefine their mobile experience. Aruba can help make your network IoT and mobile ready.


NETSCOUT is the world leader in network performance management and application products and solutions. They help leading companies and top government agencies navigate the complexity of IT systems including challenges with cloud computing, a remote workforce, increased mobility, and distributed infrastructure. NETSCOUT can bring your company more agility and fewer interruptions, while lowering the risk associated with online use.


Sinefa is ACSI’S partner that offers insights and control over networks. In providing real-time network traffic insights, visibility, and control, Sinefa is transforming the performance of data networks across the world. Sinefa Improves network performance; it boosts productivity, easing user frustration, and reducing network management costs.